Friday, May 4, 2012

When Words Fail...

Hans Christian Anderson once said, "where words fail - music speaks." We all know this to be true. Music is one of those things that fuels creativity. It is a refuge, a catalyst, and a muse, depending upon the day of the week and your mood.

With this is mind, I wanted to discuss a little bit about my Boston Avant Garde series. Unless you're blind (or I did something really wrong with my blogger dashboard) you can see the covers for two of my books from the series in the sidebar. One features a violin and the other a piano. No, its not one of those random, because it looks sexy, art decisions. The characters in all of these books have some affiliation, some attachment, something about them that involves music.

To me, music is the perfect ingredient in any romance novel. It's raw and earthy. It's arousing, and it can make even the most emotionally constipated person feel. So with that in mind, I thought I'd offer up a tidbit and give you a playlist for the newest member of the Avant Garde family. I suppose you might call it a soundtrack of sorts.

All of my books have soundtracks. Sometimes its a band or a style of music. Sometimes its a specific combination of work from several artists. For example- if you really want to experience Crescendo, pick up Once Upon a Red Moon by Secret Garden. Even if you don't particularly like classical music, it'll enhance your reading experience. And their version of Elegie is what I designed Leslie's Elegie around.

Now, for Impetuous. I'll group them by artist. The order doesn't really matter to me. The shuffle function on my iPhone is my fave thing to do. I reshuffle the playlist everyday. It just matters that these songs are running through my head as I write.

Machine Head-Darkness Within


Five Finger Deathpunch- Remember Everything
Avenged Sevenfold-Buried Alive
                                 Far from Home
Fair to Midland-Dance of the Manatee

All That Remains-The Waiting One

Apocalyptica-Not Strong Enough

Volbeat-Light a Way

Shinedown-Diamond Eyes

Valora-I Waited for You

Chevelle-Letter from a Thief

Cold-Wicked World

See, what did I tell you? All over the place. And some of these come from other "soundtracks" too. That's the best way to start a new soundtrack. Just snag a few tunes that gave me the strongest sense of the characters that carried over from the previous book, and find their complements. All of these can be picked up on iTunes, btw. And I'd love to hear your comments about my playlist.

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