Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day maybe kind of 2.5

Ahh! One day and I've failed! Or more to the point, my internet failed--last night--when I could not sign on to save my life. Okay, so really that's just an excuse because I could have tried at any point during the day and probably managed to make the airwaves more agreeable.

Shhh, I'm going to pretend this never happened. And just move on with my topic for today--er--yesterday.

Anyone else ever had an imaginary friend? Please don't try and tell me I'm the only one! I promise I'm not still running around with my two early childhood pals, Betty & Bill. (And no, I cannot give any reason for the odd nursery rhyme names)

My point with all the reminiscing, was to say that when I'm writing something that really speaks to me, the characters become a little like imaginary friends. Both my Boston Avant Garde series and Phoenix Rising are examples of this. Its why I've grown so fond of writing series, its like hanging out with a bunch of comfortably familiar people.

I feel this way about reading too. Don't you just love to dive into a new book and meet new people while still keeping in touch with characters you've known before? Or, it's great to meet an interesting character and then finally get the 411 on their personal history and love life.

As I mentioned yesterday, Phoenix Rising is that kind of place. Connor Archuleta was a badass guy who had most of my readers almost wishing he were single. But, and if you haven't read it, I can't wait for the re release so you can--Connor's bartending friend Alex Dalesio is hot, single, and ready to charm your socks off.

Which is why I can't wait to get back to the bar and let everyone get a little more friendly with Alex. His story is going to introduce more of the downtown occupants who live their lives and run businesses in the quaint historic district where Phoenix Rising is located. For me, it was a chance to explore the neighborhood and create a little flower shop called Blooming Buds which is run by the most fascinating woman named Emory Banks. A woman who is going to change the way Alex Dalesio thinks about sex and long term attachments.

So tell me, for you--what's the best thing about a series? Do you like feeling as if you're hanging out with old friends? Does it feel satisfying when you get to find out what their stories are as each book unfolds? Or occasionally are you finding yourself outraged when something doesn't go the way your swore it should have? Funny thing about that--fictional characters are just like real people. They just don't always do what you think they're going to.

Remember- I want to hear your comments! And in 20 more days I'm going to pick some lucky smart ass to win a complete ebook set of my Boston Avant Garde series. So sound off people!

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