Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Enter for a Chance to Win a FREE Copy of Encore!

 Between writing, editing, and reading the final product there seems to be some kind of weird mojo that happens. It's a point where I look up from my reading and say to myself, "Wow, did I actually WRITE that?" This can either be good or bad, but it has a really profound effect on the way I view my work and my characters.

Now, the reason I just flopped all that info onto the page was to make this point--I LOVE this book. Encore was one of those projects that just sort of exploded onto the page in huge amounts. Like I'd sit down to whip off a few pages and look up from my computer three hours and forty five pages later and be totally amazed at how much I'd gotten done.

Of course the other thing about Encore is that it's fairly long. We call it a long novel. Initially I was rather apprehensive about not shaving it down to the same length as say, Impetuous. Fortunately for you readers and my characters, my editor had other ideas. She is absolutely amazing at taking the entire picture into consideration. Thus the end product is a book I still enjoy reading, and one with characters that continually pop up in other stories. For those of you who enjoy my Boston Avant-Garde series as a whole, you'll be seeing Dante, Jericho, and Suri again in Chiaroscuro, which is scheduled to release on December 31 of this year.

So I'd encourage anyone who'd like a print copy of Encore to click on over to Goodreads and enter to win one of four I'm giving away. The winners will be drawn on September 19, so don't miss out on your chance for a free copy.

For now, I'll leave you with just a teaser...

CONFUSION MINGLED WITH desire in Jericho’s mind until he couldn’t separate one from the other. Dante’s lips were firm, the kiss unlike any that Jericho had experienced. It wasn’t distasteful. It didn’t feel wrong. And damned if his cock wasn’t sitting up to take notice.

What did that mean?

Was Dante right? If gay was just a stereotype, and desire wasn’t gender-based, did that mean Jericho might find himself bored of Suri and
attracted to another guy?

Something akin to pain lanced through Jericho’s chest. He closed his eyes against the sensation. The thought of being with anyone else, male or female, was unacceptable.

“It’s getting late.” Dante turned to look over the balustrade again. Below them, the club was in full swing. “I think the place can take care of itself.”

Dante was leaving, heading back the way they’d come. Jericho took a few steps, leaving the marble for the thick carpet. He was torn by a longing to stick with what felt comfortable and an even stronger urge to explore what felt amazingly right.

“Are you coming?” Torn by the duality of everything he felt, Jericho couldn’t even find the words to respond. “This isn’t about making you uncomfortable, Jericho. It’s about finding pleasure in as many ways as we can.”

Dante made it sound so reasonable. As if Jericho would be nuts to turn down a chance to share that kind of intense passion with not one but two lovers...

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