Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Teaser of Good Things to Come...

A little tease from my upcoming new release, book number five of my Boston Avant-Garde series--Bellicoso...

SELENA HAD TO fight the urge to clamp her legs together when the stranger spoke. Arousal curled around her nerves and made her hot and wet without knowing the reason why. The only one who’d ever drawn such a visceral reaction from her gut was Malachi. Had her little adventure at Triptych unlocked some weird sixth sense she’d been unaware of until that moment?

Ms. Warren was trying to introduce them. “Mr. Yen is the coguardian of one of the students in this class. Ms. Aasen is going to be teaching dance for us while she continues her own training.”

This guy’s presence was reducing Selena’s intellect to that of an idiot’s. The headmistress would definitely rethink her decision to add Selena to the staff if she could barely babble a greeting. Scraping together what was left of her composure, Selena sucked in a deep breath and gave Mr. Yen her brightest smile. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Malachi was handsome the way she’d always thought a Greek god would be. Mr. Yen was another kind altogether. He exuded dangerous like his own personal brand of pheromone. She’d never been attracted to an Asian guy in her life, but she’d never met anyone like him. He was only an inch or two taller than she was. His faded jeans and blue T-shirt hugged his spare frame, and his bare forearms were ripped with the kind of muscle that came from hours spent on physical pursuits.

She tried to swallow, but her mouth had gone bone-dry. She lifted her gaze to his face and was trapped by the beauty of his impossibly black eyes. Thick, silky hair hung in his face, and she had to forcibly restrain herself from reaching out to push it back. Remnants of the night Jackson had threatened her drifted through her mind. She’d had only the barest impression of dark hair and unfathomable black eyes.

No way. It’s not possible.

Still, Mr. Yen had a powerful aura. What would it be like to have the right to touch this man? To stroke his golden skin and run her fingers through the fall of hair before pressing her mouth against his full lips?

He took her hand and gently rubbed her palm. “A pleasure to meet you, Selena.”

Her knees sagged, and she struggled to remain upright. His satin baritone was the perfect counterpoint to the memory of Malachi’s bass tones that still whispered in her mind. A strange instinct made her want to kneel before this man. Doing so would’ve been as natural as the hedonistic experience she’d had with Malachi and the flogger.

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