Sunday, February 28, 2010

Want a Side of Hypocrisy with Your Perfect Life?

I have now deleted the first sentence of this blog entry four different times. One would think that the appropriate course of action would be to log off, take some time, and then organize my thoughts before coming back and starting again. 

Nope, I think I'll just vomit what I'm trying to say right out there and see what happens. 

I've discovered that my true pet peeve in life is hypocrisy. I'm sure most of you are scratching your heads and going, "Well, duh!" But seriously, I'm not talking about the usual hypocrisy where the man in your life tells the children in your life that they're not allowed to eat or drink in the living room while simultaneously popping the top on a soda can and tossing back a few Pringles either. Although really, I mean REALLY?

The hypocrisy that really drives me crazy is the type that applies more directly to my writing life, my personal life, and the personal lives of the people in my personal life. Still think I'm raving mad? I'll give you an example:

Did you know- There are websites out there selling what they call Christian Sex Toys? They refer to them as *ahem* Marital Aids. Most are the exact same product you would find in your typical adult store, or on any other sex toy website. The difference? Sold by Christians to Christians while telling them that- "Of course they aren't doing anything dirty, they didn't look at pictures of naked people while purchasing their toys." And perhaps what gets me so agitated is not that a woman might prefer to purchase a vibrator without having to look at a picture of a perfectly airbrushed sex Goddess on the front of the package. What pisses me off is the people who purchase their 'marital aids' and then look down upon the rest of us who just go out and purchase a new effing vibrator! 

These are the same hypocrites that spent most of the Middle Ages running around putting fig leaves over the privates of every Greek sculpture they could find. It's just a newer breed. They're the prim and proper matrons who devour Inspirational Romance novels right before climbing up on their soap boxes and damning to the deepest pit of hell any secular romance novel because it gives people false expectations for relationships. 

The point is that everybody's sex life and what they choose to use or not use in it is THEIR business. What they choose to read or not read, whether its BDSM, m/m, f/f, m/f/m, f/m/f, or so erotically kinky that your panties are wet from page 5 to page 205, it's THEIR choice. We all have tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, fetishes, and deep dark fantasies that we'd rather die than own up to. It's what makes this world interesting. 

So dammit-LIVE AND LET LIVE! And order fries on the side instead of the hypocrisy special...

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